Welcome to Republic Mining, the fastest growing mining club in America. We recognize mining as a serious economic venture and strive to serve those who have small-scale mining resources but have large-scale mining goals.

Lifetime Memberships cost $499.00. For a lifetime membership click here:

5 Year Memberships cost $249.99. For a 5 year membership click here:

Yearly subscriptions cost $99.99 per year. For a reoccurring yearly membership subscription click here:

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Join the Republic Mining Association

Want to join the most dynamic new mining club in the West? The Republic Mining Association is a quickly growing mining club which is providing our members with rich ground and adventure. Many mining clubs are letting claims go. Meanwhile, Republic Mining is rigorously collecting premium mining properties and making them available to our members. Our memberships grant you permission to mine and prospect on our club claims and keep all of the gold you find.

We have Claims all over the Western United States. Please review our members agreement before buying a membership. Also Click Here to watch a tutorial on how to use the RMPA “Members Only” area.

After payment, you will receive an email from “Republic Mining” or “WordPress” with instructions on how to complete you registration. If there are any issues at all please contact us Via Facebook Messenger by Clicking Here for the quickest response or at Republicmining@yahoo.com. After registration please check out the “Members Only” section of the site to print your membership card and get information and directions to our club claims.